Friday, December 18, 2015

A reflection on the GROOC : What Universities do

• Before joining the PhD I worked for almost 10 years in all sectors (non profit, government, and a private company). I can say that it’s actually the university the only institution when, really, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. 
• The mandate of the university is to explore the boundaries of human knowledge, get new insights, and then make them public, teach them and apply them into potential solutions for society’s problems.
• Within a university, EVERY IDEA DESERVES AN OPPORTUNITY. At least, a discussion or an experiment. This is the only institution in which, as a member of it, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO TEST YOUR IDEAS, no matter how crazy they are. If there is a place for crazy ideas, it’s here.
• That’s what we are doing here. We had an idea and we tested it. Now, we need to take an appreciative and a critical perspective on our experiment: What original assumptions were mistaken? What things we didn’t payed enough attention to? What surprising gems we found in the process? And how can we refine the things that worked well?
• This is what we will do next. Refine this approach UNTIL WE MAKE SURE IT WORKS - AND WORKS WELL. Then, we give it to society (a non-profit, the government, or a private company) for them to find a sustainable business model and to spread it as much as possible.
• Then, we, here at the university, will move into our next exploration, our next crazy idea. For me, that’s the beauty of working on a university.
• But for now, let’s make this work, and really well. Stay tuned for GROOC 2.0

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