Friday, December 18, 2015

A reflection on the GROOC: A culture of learning

• Probably the most powerful pedagogy (or method of learning) is immersing yourself to experience a culture. A culture teach us what is valued, what is possible, and what behaviors are accepted and encouraged. A culture teach us how to be in the world. We tried to create a culture of ‘Social Learning for Social Impact’. So, what was it?
o In the GROOC, some degree of subversiveness was required, starting from ourselves, here at McGill.
o In the GROOC, the hierarchy of the one who knows & the know who doesn't know doesn't exists. Here, everyone learns and everyone teaches.
o In the GROOC, the learners’ process of acting in the world is ‘the path’, the real ‘course’. Not the syllabus or the bi-weekly sessions.
o In the GROOC, learning is also emergent. It, can come from any source any time.
o In the GROOC, we came to develop relationships. Connections, colleagues, friends, and partners in crime. Relationships that will bring more learning, more action and even more relationships.
o In the GROOC, you don’t have to be a student to learn, and you don’t have to finish school to give to the world. Here, learning and doing good are two sides of the same coin, the same action.
o In the GROOC, the internet is a tool not just to connect, but to develop meaningful relationships to work and to solve real problems in society.
o In the GROOC, we develop communities, not just groups.
o In the GROOC, anything is possible. We dreamed, we tried, we gave, and we learned.

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