Tuesday, November 17, 2015

from MOOCs to GROOCs... to SPOCs?

After scaling, we could think about what is the end game for the GROOC, according to founder of www.dogoodasyougo.org Alice Gugelev, in this article we could think of 6 possible end-game scenarios:
1    1)   A break through idea easy for organizations to share/adopt/integrate
2)    A breakthrough product/model
3)    Potential service provider to govt, integrate public programs
4)    Profit potential that addresses market failure, risk or uncertainty: commercial delivery
5)    Defined and achievable outcomes for eradication of a problem
6)    Strong organizational filling gap in commercial or public service

I share this interesting article to also frame the question above and think about the future of MOOCS, perhaps rather than large GROOCS it is SPOCS (small private online courses) to leverage on engagement, commitment and participation.

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